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Liaoning International Cooperation Group Beipiao Poverty Alleviation Point Industry Poverty Alleviation Step 1

Liaoning International Cooperation Group Beipiao Poverty Alleviation Point Industry Poverty Alleviation Step 1

On June 13, 2018, Haishenmiao Village, Nanbazi Township, Beipiao City, Liaoning International Cooperation Group Poverty Alleviation Poverty Alleviation Poverty Alleviation Poverty Alleviation Project "Beipiao City Zhuangyuan Fang Land Share Professional Cooperative" registered with the local registration authority, and obtained a business license, and went out of the poverty alleviation project in combination with local agricultural resources and technical resources of enterprises. The first step was taken.


In spring 2018, in response to the work deployment of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government on "large-scale appointment of cadres to work in towns and villages to promote rural revitalization", Yu Qing, a 35-year-old young Party member, was appointed by Liaoning International Cooperation Group as the first Secretary of Haishenmiao Village, a poverty-stricken village at the provincial level in Beipiao City, to carry out designated assistance work in villages. After more than a month's research and visits, Yu Qing found that the local conditions for promoting economic development were extremely limited, and it was very difficult to overcome poverty and tackle key problems. Firstly, there is a shortage of labor force, 291 farmers and nearly 800 residents in the whole village, almost all of them over 40 years old. The young and middle-aged workers who have the ability and energy to lead the villagers to prosperity have moved to other places. Secondly, the level of agricultural development is low, affected by the local mountainous terrain, the farmland is scattered, and the large-scale use of agricultural machinery and equipment can not be realized. Thirdly, the collective economy of the village is weak, and the whole year 2017. The village collective has no income, the only collective property of 2,000 mu of public welfare forest is difficult to produce large economic benefits, some farmers'farms are small, and can not drive the whole village economy. It is an urgent task for the two committees of Qinghe Village to develop the village collective economy in what form and format, and to develop a long-term and high-benefit "hematopoietic" industry for the poor people in the village.



Yu Qing's visit to Zhang Guangcai, a poor household


After three months of investigation, visits and investigations, through continuous reports, studies and negotiations with the township leaders and the first Secretary of the provincial trading and investment group in the township, and in light of the actual situation in the village, the two committees of Yuqinghe Village finally decided to establish the "village cooperative integration" mode of purchasing, processing and selling agricultural products in order to create a carrier of poverty alleviation and strengthen the village. Collective economy.


The so-called "unity of village and community" refers to a group of village committees and cooperatives. Its nature is a collective economic organization, whose property belongs to all members of the collective economic organization. The registered capital of the cooperative is 500,000 yuan, which is voluntarily invested by poor households and villagers in the form of land management rights. At present, 47 households are members of the cooperative. 30 of them are poor households. The warehouses and auxiliary industrial power utilities are provided by the villagers. The corresponding shares are given according to the valuation. The rest of the workshop decoration costs, production equipment acquisition costs, packaging materials acquisition costs and certificates are processed. Fees and other expenses are raised by Liaoning International Cooperation Group, Liaoning Transaction Group and Village Committee in the form of gratuitous gifts and interest-free advances. Every year, cooperatives organize members to plant crops according to product demand, buy millet at market price, and earn profit dividends proportionally at the end of the year. The members who own shares can withdraw their shares freely and return their right to operate after withdrawing their shares. Members who join cooperatives shall apply for subsidies for cultivation of various state cooperatives (such as rotation subsidy, etc.) which shall be owned by individual members. The village committees are responsible for the daily operation and management of cooperatives. At the end of the year, the profit is returned to the members according to the share of the transaction amount according to the relevant regulations of the state, and then the remaining part is allocated by the cooperative members'Council for study and decision.


Business License of Chung Yuanfang Cooperative


Hai Shenmiao Village in Nanbajiazi Township belongs to the pollution-free agricultural area certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Chaoyang Millet Brand Protected Area. According to preliminary statistics, the millet grain stock in Hai Shenmiao Village is about 15,000 kilograms, and the whole town can buy about 70,000 kilograms of grain stock. The millet deep processing industry has a good supply base and broad prospects. After the establishment of the cooperative, it signed a cooperation intention with Shenyang Chaobo Trading Company. It is ready to build a brand of vacuum packaging gift box products for miscellaneous grains based on Chaoyang millet. The cooperative is responsible for the purchase, processing and packaging of grains, and the trading company is responsible for sales. At the same time, as a provincial Trading group of designated poverty alleviation enterprises in Nanbazi Township, it promises to use its expressway service area to assist products free of charge. Sale.


The cooperative intends to adopt the mode of order sale and mass production according to the order. A processing equipment can process 800 kg of millet per hour and produce about 500 kg of millet. It can complete an order of 4000 kg of millet per day. According to Yu Qing, the Secretary in the village, the processing and packaging cost of millet per kilogram is 3.5 yuan, and the market selling price is 5-10 yuan. If it can be produced and sold in July and the market is good, it will be profitable this year. In addition to miscellaneous grains, it will also be possible to pack and sell special products such as eggs and salted duck eggs in the future.


At present, the factory buildings, certificates and equipment of cooperatives are being prepared in an orderly manner, and the dividend-sharing system and management measures are also being formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. Yu Qing said that the relevant system was formulated collectively by me and the two village committees in an effort to achieve legitimacy of compliance, financial openness, and benefit the poor households and the poor members of the village. As the only poverty alleviation cooperative in Nanbajiazi Township, Zhuangyuan Fang Cooperative has been highly valued and positively evaluated by the governments at all levels, such as Beipiao City and Nanbajiazi Township. During the preparation process, many procedural "green passages" have been given. Leaders of the Organizational Department of Beipiao Municipal Committee have publicly praised Comrade Yu Qing, the first Secretary of Hail Temple Village, for his poverty alleviation work. Liaoning International Cooperation Group has been determined to support and help the local poverty alleviation work, expressing the need to hailstone Temple Village Zhuangyuan Fang cooperative as a benchmark cooperative for publicity and promotion.