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Xi Jinping's speech at the press conference of the second "one belt and one way" International Cooperation Summit Forum (Quan Wen)

Xi Jinping's speech at the press conference of the second "one belt and one way" International Cooperation Summit Forum (Quan Wen)

Ladies and gentlemen,

Friends of journalists:

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the second press conference on "one belt and one road" International Cooperation summit. The "one belt and one way" initiative has been put forward for more than 5 years, and has been widely concerned by media friends. Since the opening of this summit, journalists' friends have been paying close attention to and reporting on the summit forum, recording all the wonderful moments, spreading all kinds of good voices, and showing the fruitful results of building a "one belt, one road" cooperation. On behalf of the Chinese government and representatives of other countries, I would like to express my gratitude to journalists and friends for their support and hard work.

This is the second time that China has held the "one belt and one way" International Cooperation Summit Forum. Compared with the first forum, this forum is larger in scale, richer in content, more participating countries and more fruitful in results. During the summit forum, we held opening ceremonies, high-level meetings, 12 sub-forums and an entrepreneurship conference, which were attended by representatives from more than 150 countries. Today, leaders from 38 countries and heads of the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund hold a round table of leaders here.

The theme of this summit is to build a "one belt and one road" and create a better future. At the Round Table Summit, leaders and heads of international organizations discussed in-depth issues such as "promoting interconnection, tapping new momentum for growth", "strengthening policy coherence, forging closer partnerships", "promoting green and sustainable development, and implementing the United Nations 2030 agenda". They improved the concept of cooperation, clarified the focus of cooperation, strengthened cooperation mechanisms and provided high-quality cooperation. The volume of Co Construction of "one belt and one road" has reached a broad consensus. The consensus is reflected in the joint communiqu on which the round table summit unanimously adopted. It will become an action guide to jointly build "one belt and one road" international cooperation in the future.

We actively evaluate the progress and significance of building the "one belt and one way" cooperation. We all believe that building the "one belt and one way" is the way to common prosperity. In the past 5 years, especially since the first summit forum, with the joint efforts of all parties, the scope of policy communication has been expanding, the level of communication between facilities has been increasing, trade and investment cooperation has gone up to a new level, and the ability of financial intermediation has been continuously enhanced, and cultural exchanges have come closer. The early harvest of building the "one belt and one way" cooperation has opened up more space for the economic growth of all countries and the world, and has created a platform for strengthening international cooperation, and has made new contributions to the construction of the community of human destiny.

We have enriched the concept of "one belt and one road" cooperation, and have consistently reaffirmed our commitment to building the "one belt and one way" with high quality. We will adhere to the principle of building and sharing through consultation, equal consultation, shared responsibility and common benefit. All interested countries are welcome to participate. We unanimously support open, clean and green development, oppose protectionism and strive to build a new era Silk Road with clean air and friendly environment. We agree to implement the concept of high standards, benefiting people's livelihood and sustainable development, actively dock with the generally accepted international rules and standards, adhere to the people-centered development idea, and take the road of coordinated economic, social and environmental development. These consensus points out the direction for the joint development of "one belt and one way" cooperation. Our common goal is to work together to make interconnection and interconnection more effective, economic growth more robust, closer international cooperation and better people's lives.

We have identified the key point of building the "one belt and one way" cooperation in the future, and decided to strengthen all-round and multidisciplinary cooperation. We will continue to promote land, sea, air and Internet Interconnection and build high-quality, sustainable, risk-resistant, reasonably priced, inclusive and accessible infrastructure. We will promote the construction of economic corridors, develop economic and Trade Industrial Cooperation zones, continue to strengthen soft links in market, regulation, standards and other aspects, as well as the construction of digital infrastructure. The cooperative projects will adhere to government guidance, business entity and market operation to ensure sustainability and create a fair and non-discriminatory business environment for investors in all countries. We will continue to broaden financing channels and reduce financing costs. We welcome multilateral and national financial institutions to participate in investment and financing cooperation. We also agreed to carry out extensive and diverse cultural exchanges and to implement more people's livelihood cooperation projects. We all support the joint development of "one belt and one way" cooperation, adhere to the development orientation, support the global development undertaking, especially the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda in 2030, strive to achieve clean, low carbon and sustainable development, while helping developing countries break the bottleneck of development and integrate into the global value chain, industrial chain and supply chain.

—— We unanimously support efforts to build global interoperability partnerships and strengthen cooperation mechanisms. To this end, we will deepen docking with economic development initiatives and plans of countries and international organizations, strengthen bilateral and third-party market cooperation, build major international logistics and trade corridors such as the China-EU Banquet and the new land-sea corridor, and help more countries improve the level of interconnection. We have read the report on the policy recommendations of the Advisory Committee of the summit forum, and look forward to the Advisory Committee providing more intellectual support for the joint development of "one belt and one way" cooperation and the development of the summit forum. We will adhere to multilateralism and promote the formation of a framework led by the Summit Forum and supported by multilateral and bilateral cooperation in various fields, so that our cooperation can be guided by ideas, followed up by actions and guaranteed by mechanisms. It is generally believed that the "one belt and one way" International Cooperation Summit Forum is an important multilateral cooperation platform, supporting the summit forum.