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General plan for the construction of Liaoning "one belt and one road" comprehensive experimental zone.

General plan for the construction of Liaoning "one belt and one road" comprehensive experimental zone.

Promoting the construction of "one belt and one road" is the great initiative of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, holding high the banner of peaceful development, holding the principle of sharing and building together, promoting win-win cooperation and promoting the construction of the community of human destiny. It is the general plan and the general responsibility for advancing the all-round opening up of the new era. In order to give full play to Liaoning's role and contribute to Liaoning's efforts to promote Liaoning's overall revitalization in the process of deepening the development of participating in the "one belt and one way" development, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government decided to set up a comprehensive test area for Liaoning's "one belt and one road" comprehensive plan.

First, open a new chapter in the new era: "one belt and one road" will lead Liaoning to be fully open.

(1) Opening Advantage

The ancient Chaoyang Niuhe Liang Hongshan cultural site proves the existence of a highly civilized ancient country in Liaoning province 5500 years ago, which is the home of the common ancestors of Chinese civilization. Liaoning is also an important node of the grassland Silk Road in history. Since ancient times, Liaoning has inherited a long history of economic, trade and cultural exchanges with the Western Regions and Eurasia. After the founding of New China, Liaoning has created a brilliant industry in China. Since the reform and opening up, Liaoning has entered a new journey of revitalizing the old industrial base. In the past five years since the construction of "one belt and one road", Liaoning is full of eldest son's feelings, strides towards the open frontier, and has achieved fruitful achievements in various fields around the "five links" international cooperation. It has laid a good foundation for the establishment of the comprehensive pilot area of "one belt and one road" and the upgrading of Liaoning's "one belt and one road".

—— Policy communication continues to deepen. The United States, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Russia, France, Germany and other seven countries have consulates in Liaoning. They have 17 pairs of friendly provinces and states and 69 pairs of friendly cities with 27 countries. They have trade relations with 114 countries and regions, and the circle of international friends continues to expand. Fourty open policies and eight double-attraction and double-attraction golden policies have been promulgated, general manufacturing industry has been fully liberalized, telecommunications, new energy vehicles and other fields have been expanded, and the level of foreign cooperation has been gradually upgraded.

—— Facilities Unicom has accelerated its expansion. We will promote all-round interconnection with overseas countries in terms of "land, sea and air network ice". In 2017, the total port throughput exceeded 1.1 billion tons, and the port integration increased speed and quality. Opening the Northeast Arctic Channel of Liaohai Europe, Liaohai and Manchuria Europe, China and Europe have 1143 flights, with transport capacity ranking the forefront in China. In our country, we take the lead in realizing the land-county-to-county expressway, and will soon realize the city-to-city high-speed railway.

Shenyang, Dalian and other eight transport airports have opened 63 international routes. Large data, multimedia and other modern communication networks cover the whole province.

—— Trade is smooth and fruitful. Multilateral trade and investment system has been gradually expanded, and cooperation with European, Asian and African production capacity has been accelerated. China-Germany (Shenyang) high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park, Huachen BMW project, Xudabao Nuclear Power Phase II, weapons group and Saudi Arabia-US joint venture fine chemicals and raw materials projects have been effectively introduced; Romania, Uganda, India and other overseas products have been introduced. The park is progressing smoothly, and a large number of outgoing projects such as Hungary-Seychelles Railway, Huachen Iranian Automobile Factory and Eastern Soft Africa Medical Treatment have been vigorously promoted. China (Liaoning) Free Trade Pilot Zone and other high-energy open platforms have highlighted their functions. Huludao swimsuit, Xiaobeihe socks industry and a number of cross-border e-commerce and foreign trade new formats continue to grow.

—— Financing has been steadily promoted. The Dalian and Shenyang financial agglomeration areas have been quickening construction, and have been closely coordinated with the financial and insurance institutions such as China Export and Credit Insurance Corp and China Development Bank, innovating the service mechanism of "banking, insurance and enterprises", opening up a green channel for financing, improving the financing and intelligence conditions of the "one belt and one road", and improving the real level of financial services.

—— The common feelings of the people have a wide influence. A number of cultural groups have exhibited and exchanged frequently. The international influence of China International Equipment Manufacturing Fair (Shenyang System Fair) and China International Software and Information Services Fair (Dalian Soft Fair) has been gradually enhanced. More than 30 universities have promoted international cooperation in education, with 23,000 foreign students ranking first in the country. Establish tourism cooperation mechanism with many countries and deepen cooperation in the field of health care. Relying on Liaoning elements, telling Liaoning stories well, demonstrating the soft power of Chinese culture.

—— The construction of think tanks has achieved remarkable results. Dalian Summer Davos Forum has become an important platform for political, economic and business media to discuss and open up. Actively establish collaborative relationships with national think tanks. 57 academicians, 167 research institutes and 25 influential disciplines are the valuable intellectual support for opening up to the outside world. A large number of social science institutions and institutions of higher learning have established "one belt and one way" academic research institutions in an effort to further promote the theoretical research and practical innovation of Liaoning's "one belt and one road".

(2) Significance

Along with the new road of "one belt and one road", Liaoning province fully implements Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, vigorously implements the central government's major decisions to form a new pattern of comprehensive opening-up, turns to the sea, speeds up the opening up, takes full opening to lead the comprehensive revitalization, and takes the province's strength to build a comprehensive pilot area of "one belt and one road", and makes intensive efforts to upgrade Liaoning's "one belt and one road". It is of great significance to improve the quality of Liaoning's opening up, revitalize the old industrial bases in Northeast China, promote international cooperation in Northeast Asia and actively participate in the "one belt and one road" construction.

—— Provide new momentum for Liaoning's high-quality development. The construction of the "one belt and one road" Comprehensive Experimental Zone in Liaoning is conducive to deepening reform and innovation, optimizing system and mechanism, promoting economic development quality transformation, efficiency transformation, and dynamic transformation with a higher standing, larger pattern and broader vision, and better serving the "one belt and one road" construction. It is conducive to strengthening the overall situation and leading China, Russia and Japan.